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fourteen. born this way world tour, better with u world tour, believe world wour, neon lights world tour.
i worship lots of people, including fictional ones.
youtubers ☺ actors ☻ singers ☺ 66% gryffindor, 33% ravenclaw.
latin america, argentina.
at last.


Fuck you john green. I just cried for hours on this book..

104.7 KISS FM - Phoenix [x]

Get to know Demi Lovato

taylorswift makes me so happy, she just cares so much about us. whose fave spends the amount of time that she does to give back? it makes me wanna cry and never want to question why i like her. 

i cant believe that people still hate her it’s like what’s wrong with you.

Life is beautiful… You are worthy of it. Never devalue yourself. Never forget how beautiful you really are. People in certain situations can sometimes make us feel we aren’t good enough by society’s standards. But it’s natural to feel that way. You just need to know how to find your way out of that negative place. Remind yourself that you are beautiful exactly the way you are.”

(Inspired by x)


I was proud of the simple fact that I somehow avoided a major embarrassment in this moment.